• Engineering Mechanics lab

    This lab is one of the basic lab for the first year mechanical engineering students. It provides the basic knowledge of classical physics.

    The lab is equipped with :

    1. First system of pulley
    2. Fletcher’s trolley
    3. Band friction
    4. Limiting Friction
    5. Flywheel
    6. Equilibrium of Forces
  • Workshop

    This workshop mainly deals with the basic workshop & electrical elements. The workshop can accommodate latest facilities for basic workshop practices. The mechanical lab consists of  Fitting Shop, Sheet Metal Shop, Foundry Shop, Forging Shop, Welding Shop, Carpentry Shop.

    The Machine shop is the heart and soul of mechanical engineering branch. It deals with the various machining operations such as turning, milling, shaping, thread cutting, slotting, drilling etc. The machine shop in our institution possesses latest equipment’s in this field. The shop has 6 light duty Lathes, 1 Shaping machine, 1 Milling machine,  3 Drilling machine, 2 Surface grinder, 1 Machine saw, 1 Shearing machine.

  • Strength of Material Lab

    Strength of materials laboratory is well equipped with destructive testing machineries. This lab course is offered in the second year for the students from various departments of mechanical engineering. Students will be able to understand the theoretical concepts of solid mechanics course and enable them to apply it practically in this lab. Different types of tests are being conducted in this laboratory to know the various mechanical properties of a material such as young’s modulus, shear modulus, hardness, toughness, deflection, fatigue strength etc. The lab is equipped with :

    1. UTM 60 T capacity
    2. Hardness testing machines (Brinell, Vickers, and Rockwell)
    3. Torsion testing machine (100 N-m)
    4. Impact testing machine
    5. Compression testing machine (100 T)
    6. Fatigue testing machine
  • Fluid Mechanic and Machinery lab

    Fluid Mechanics laboratory mainly deals with the study related with flow of fluids in various environments. The behaviour of fluids at various levels are studied and experimented in this laboratory. The lab is equipped with :

    1. Determination of minor losses in pipe flow
    2. Determination of major losses in pipe flow
    3. Metacentric height of ship model
    4. Venturimeter apparatus
    5. Reynolds experiment apparatus
    6. Verification of Bernoulli’s equation apparatus
    7. Stokes law Apparatus

    Hydraulic Machinery Laboratory is a well equipped with the latest machineries which help students to achieve knowledge about working of hydraulic equipments. The lab is having the best facilities that course can offer. The lab is equipped with :

    1. Pelton wheel test rig
    2. Francis Turbine test rig
    3. Reciprocating Pump test rig
    4. Impact of Jets
    5. Reciprocating air compressor
  • Heat Transfer lab

    The lab deals with the flow of heat through various mediums. The students can gather knowledge about various heat and mass transfer taking place in various conditions. The lab is equipped with

    1. Thermal conductivity of a metal rod apparatus
    2. Natural Convection apparatus
    3. Stefan boltz mann’s law apparatus
    4. Composite wall apparatus.
    5. Performance studies on a shell and tube heat exchanger
  • Metrology and Measurements Lab

    Metrology and Measurements lab deals with various instruments used for precision measuring. The lab possesses various highly sophisticated instruments for studies. The lab has :

    1. Use of vernier caliper, micrometer, and height gauge – source of error in measurement ideas on range, precision and accuracy
    2. Sine bar and Slip gauges and their use in linear measurements.
    3. Ideas on tolerance allowance, limits, fits.
    4. LVDT apparatus
    5. Pressure transducer
    6. Mechanical comparators


  • Refrigeration and Air Conditioning lab

    The aim of the lab is to give a practical insight for equipment running on Vapour compression cycle.

    List of Equipments in the laboratory:

    1. Vapour compression system based refrigeration test rig
    2. Vapour compression system based window air conditioner test rig
  • I.C. Engine lab

    It is the one of the important lab for B.Tech students for their course curriculum. The aim to establish this laboratory was to impart practical training in the field of I.C. Engine & Thermal Engg. like determination of BHP, IHP, thermal efficiency, fuel consumption, air consumption, etc.

    List of Equipments in the laboratory:

    1. Four Stroke Single Cylinder Diesel Engine Test Rig.
    2. Four Stroke single Cylinders Petrol Engine Test Rig.
    3. Two Stroke Single Cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig.

  • Theory of machine lab

    Theory of machine laboratory contains equipment both in the form of working and non-working models through which the students are able to synergise theory and practical skills.


    List of Equipment in the laboratory:

    1. Universal governor apparatus.
    2. Balancing machine.
    3. Motorized gyroscope apparatus
    4. Apparatus for demonstration of whirling of shaft.
    5. Cam and follower apparatus
    6. Journal bearing apparatus
    7. Vibration measuring apparatus
    8. Ackermann steering apparatus