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Faculty Research Work Some of the paper submitted by our faculty on the academic year 2016-2017 are as follows:

Prof. T P K Gautam Journal

  1. Generation of Electricity in Supermall, ISSN-2349-3534
  2. Economic load dispatch using a modified Cuckoo Search algorithm , ISSN-2454-1915, issue IV, volume VI
  3. A review for Maxwell’s equations and electromagnetic wave propagation , ISSN 2454-1915, issue X, volume VI

Prof. Kumar Rahul Journal

  1. Optimum Placement of PMU for Total Observability of Power Grid , IJERT Conference Proceeding, Volume 4 Issue 2, 2016

Prof. Gopal Chandra Mahato Journal

  1. Analysis on IGBT Development, IJERT Conference Proceeding, Volume4 Issue 2,2016

Prof. Sweta Kumari

  1. Leaky – Wave antenna Using Siw Transverse Slot, NCRACSDE 2016

Prof. Anjali Kumari

Journal 1. Testing of Transformer for its Reliability, IJERT Conference Proceeding, Volume4 Issue 2,2016

Papers presented by our faculties in International Conference on Recent Trends in Computer Science and Technology (ICRTCST-2018) (Sponsored by IEEE Kolkata Section) for the academic year 2017- 2018 are as given below-

  1. Study of Cu2ZnSnSe4 absorber layer by vacuum-based method by Anjali Kumari
  2. Performance analysis of an Asynchronous WECS in grid connected and standalone mode by Poulomi Ganguly
  3. Load frequency control of single-area power systems by G.C.Mahato
  4. Modelling and simulation of double induction machine by Thakur Pranav kr. Gautam
  5. Analysis and automatic reset of three phase faults in MATLAB by Abhilash Ghosh

Student Research Work AT RVSCET teachers have been using projects as a means of teaching technical skills, tool usage, and problem solving. The project method also provides an excellent means for increasing student learning. The project method is a teacher-facilitated collaborative approach in which students acquire and apply knowledge and skills to define and solve realistic problems using a process of extended inquiry. Projects are student-centred, following standards, parameters, and milestones clearly identified by the instructor. Students have control over the planning, refining, presenting, and reflecting of the project. Through projects, students are engaged in innovation and creativity. In the Final Year, Students undertake Project Works in different areas like Electrical Machines, Power Systems, Power Electronics, Automatic Control System and PLC. The Students acquire knowledge and expertise in Final Year Project by carrying out the Minor Projects and Simulation Work. Projects developed by our students as a part of their B. Tech degree completion for the academic year 2016-17 (Batch 2013-2017) are as shown below:

  1. Simulation of wind power generation – self excited and grid connected power generation.
  2. Design and development of inverter for melting 50 gms of aluminium.
  3. Simulation of two area system using AGC system.
  4. Design and development of inverter using Astable multivibrator and study hardening of iron metal surface.
  5. Designing a model to detect power theft in domestic Energy meter.
  6. Four Quadrant Operation of PMDC motor using 8051 micro controllers.
  7. Digital Dustbin in Digital India comprise to SWACH BHARAT AVIYAN.
  8. Speed control of DC motor using chopper.
  9. Analysis of two battery charger using diode and SCR.
  10. Design of 100 KVA, 50 Hz 3 – phase distribution transformer with oil natural cooling having tapping ±2.5%, 5% and 10%.
  11. To control home appliances using electronic gadgets.
  12. Design of Solar Power Plant to meet the requirement of RVS electrical load and to discuss techno economical aspects of power generation.
  13. Harvesting body heat to charge mobile /glow LED.
  14. Wireless mobile charger using induction coupling.
  15. Frequency Divider using IC-7490.
  16. Design of step up chopper for solar power application.
  17. Water level controller using 8051 micro controllers.
  18. Designing of hearing aids system for impaired people.
  19. Design and development of Automatic voltage stabilizer with low voltage alarm.
  20. Simulation of Synchronous Generator using MATLAB.
  21. Underground cable fault distance locator using micro controller.
  22. Design and development of inverter to convert 12V DC to 220 V AC by astable multivibrator.
  23. Electroplating of copper on iron sheet.
  24. Design of inductor (400V, 50 Hz, 3 Phase).
  25. GSM e-notice board

Projects developed by our students as a part of their B. Tech degree completion for the academic year 2017-18 (Batch 2014-2018) are as:

  1. Design and analysis of PID controller in frequency domain.
  2. Advanced Switched Mode DC-DC regulator.
  3. 3 phase fault analysis with auto reset on temporary fault and permanent trip.
  4. Study of wound rotor induction generator using MATLAB.
  5. A hybrid wind solar energy system.
  6. Modelling and simulation of speed control of doubly fed induction motor.
  7. Design of signal generator (20mV).
  8. LM35 Temperature Sensor.
  9. Automatic star delta starter using relays and adjustable electronic timer for IM.
  10. Heart Rate measuring Device
  11. PSO based firefly algorithm for economic load dispatch problems of power system.
  12. GPS ambulance tracker system.
  13. Over voltage and undervoltage protection.
  14. Phone detector with network Jammer.
  15. Filter Design using MATLAB.
  16. Electric Furnace design (Indirect Heating).
  17. Servo Motor Control.
  18. Battery Level Indicator.
  19. Design of inductor using Opamp and its implementation using Colpitts oscillator.
  20. Anderson Bridge Design