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Laboratories are well equipped with equipments, machines and kits. Good exposure is given to all the students in the laboratory sessions to update their practical knowledge with the help of AICTE approved experiments and technically strong instructors.

1. Basic Electrical Engineering Lab

2. Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation Lab

3. Electrical Machine Lab

4. Control System Lab

5. Power System Simulation Lab

6. Digital Electronics and Logic Design Lab

7. Analog Electronics Lab

8. Power Electronics Lab

9. Circuit Theory Lab

10. Microprocessor Lab

11. Computer Aided Power System Lab


Well-developed laboratories with latest equipment These laboratories are equipped with the state-of-the-art hardware and software from AE, Kirloskar, OSAW, Metravi, S&E consultants, MECO, AGRONIC, England LJ greate Ltd., Dynalog, Siemens,Microlab, GE Mathworks etc. Some of the major equipments are:

1. Energy Meter 1-Phase, 220V,50Hz, 1260rpm

2. ac capacitor (70+70) mF bank of capacitor

3. potential transformer 100/220/110/500 v, multirange

4. Schering Bridge 5. Maxwell Bridge

6. Dual trace CRO, Metravi make 0S-5025c,25MHz

7. Metravi FG-2000 Function signal generator

8. Constant K Low Pass Filter (LPF trainer Kit), Model T1

9. Dual CRO (Dual Trace CRO), Model OS-5025C

10. m-Derived Band Pass Filter(m-Derived BPF ), Model T6

11. Notch Filter (Trainer kit), Model P15

12. 3 phase transformer, delta-delta, shell type, primary 440-230V,50Hz, Sec. 230-115V,50Hz,3 KVA, air cooled(open)

13. 1 phase transformer ,220/110+110V primary 13.6A, 50Hz, Sec. 13.6+13.6A,50Hz,3 KVA, air cooled(open)

14. universal motor ,0.5 HP, 220V, AC/DC, 300RPM

15. Universal Electronics trainer kit Make Microlab – II

16. DC Shunt generator 2 kW, 220 V ,7 A , 1500 rpm

17. D.C Series motor 2Kw, 220v, 1500rpm, 11A.

18. squirrel cage IM, 1.1KW, 50Hz, 1430RPM, 4pole, Kirloskar Make

19. DC master drive(6KA70)6KW,15A, Multi quadrant oprating,400V, 3 phase, 50 Hz (Siemens)

20. repulsion motor,0.5HP, 220V, AC/DC, 3000 RPM

21. Alternator 3 phase with neutral salient pole & damper winding 3.75 Kva, 440V, 1500 rpm separately excited.

22. Manual Oil insulation test set I/P 230V, 1-F, 50Hz, O/P 0-60KV capacity 600 VA

23. D.C distribution by network Analyser

24. Chopper Circuit – PWM, FC, CLC

25. SCR trainer kit

26. TRIAC & DIAC trainer kit

27. Chopper Circuit – PWM, FC, CLC

28. SCR trainer kit

29. TRIAC & DIAC trainer kit

30. Dyna 8086 microprocessor kit Dynalog india ltd.

31. Dyna – 51 Microcontroller, 8051-DV

32. Dyna – 85L microprocessor kit with keyboard

33. STP – PIO stepper motor control study card with stepper motor 12V I/P

34. traffic PIO Traffic control study card using 8255 PPI.

35. DC position control servo system model no. DCP-01 with CRO model 0S-5015C, 25MHz Oscilloscope metravi

36. PID Controller trainer and temperature control trainer PCST-04

37. Robotics Automation Make England LJ greate ltd.

38. Water Temperature control systems PCST-08 Trainer Best Practices