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Rules & regulations

ACADEMICS: Rules & regulations

All the RVSCETians are required to adhere to the following rules & regulations of the institute:

1. Violation of discipline may cause general fine which is to be paid by the students. In case of major incidence, the matter will be referred to disciplinary committee. The findings/decisions taken by the committee duly approved by the Principal/Chairman will be implemented.

2. Students have taken their admission to have good result and completion of academic curriculum within four years. To have the regularity of students, it is desired that students should not remain absent without the permission of HOD/Principal. In such cases of unauthorized absence a fine of Rs. 50/- (fifty) per day will be charged. This will keep the student regular in the classes.

3. In order to keep the wide circulation of Library Books among students, it is desired that student must return the book in time failing which a fine of Rs. 1/- per day per book will be charged. This fine is necessary to keep the good circulation of books. If the book is lost, it must be replaced by new one, failing which the “double” price of the book will be realized. No journal will be issued for home purpose.

4. A Student has to pay the canteen bills within 10 days of completion of a month. In case of non-payment, a fine of Rs. 10/- (ten) per day per student is to be charged. This is essential to develop the good habit of payment for keeping a healthy system for canteen.

5. The Institute caution money will be returned to the students after four years i.e. after the completion of the course. This is returnable after no dues submission. However for the students who are leaving the institute without completing the course, the institute caution money will be returned after one year of getting CLC.

6. Hostel caution money may be returned after getting the no dues from the institute.

7. The general fees paid for institute as well as hostel is non-refundable.

8. For the structure of tuition fee and general fee, the decision of the department of Science & Technology, Govt. of Jharkhand will be applicable.

9. Bus charges are to be paid in advance for 3 months by the students, who apply for bus pass.

10. The RVS Educational Trust is free to implement any rule approved by it for betterment of students in general and institute in particular.